A Poem

The Sacred

Step boldly into your life
each moment awaits your participation
invites your engagement.
Give yourself generously
If not now, then when?
Sing full-throated
dance wildly
let your poems express your deepest longings.
Let your rage shake the mountains
your scream pierce the heavens. 
Weep deeply that your tears
may water the parched earth.
Let your full-bellied laugh
disturb the neighbors.
Let your tenderness melt every boundary
'til all that remains is love.
Let the simplest of things amaze you.
The extraordinary
plays hide and seek in the everyday.
Find the pearl in the mundane.
Quench your thirst with that which
barely calls attention to itself. 
This very moment is all there is
it awaits you in its entirety
invites you to surrender
to swim in the vastness of possibility.
There can be no peace
if you insist this moment
be other than it is.
Sometimes a sorrow, sometimes a joy
sometimes a delight, sometimes a horror.
Feel them all the way through to their departure.
Soon another guest will arrive
welcome them all.
This precious existence
is a hearty stew
each ingredient for your nourishment.
This very moment
this very breath
this very life
so very sacred.
It is enough.

-- David Glick

December 14, 2010